How To Build A Website & How To Make Money From It Forever (well for a very long time anyway!)

Discover how to make a website & earn from home with your own site

Build a website. How to make a website?

  • Why have your own website?
  • How do you build website traffic (visitors)?
  • Earn money with a website - do you have to sell your own products? (No!)
  • Can someone with very little internet experience build a website? (Yes!)

  • I will answer all this fully, and more, right here, so stay on this page to find out!

    Here are some other things you will discover too about websites:

    How you can create websites - the basics

    How does a website make money? Here are all the best ways

    Create A Free Website

    All about free websites

    Website traffic - how to get lots of it

    Make a website and enjoy a long term income

    Making money with a website, if it is built 'correctly' is a superb way to make money on the internet.

    In fact I think it's the best way to create a long-term solid income online.

    I have quite a few of my own websites. As I will be telling you later on, I have experienced building sites and trying to make money with them the traditional way. (Self-taught, I'm not a web designer).

    I have also, thankfully, found a company called SBI which is how I built this site.

    It is totally different to the methods I used before. Because I have tried other methods to build a website I really appreciate what I have my hands on with this. More about that later...

    Making money with a website - who else would like their website to make them $49,000 in one year?

    Here's what other people think of SBI and how they have got on with it. Check out the incomes and visitor numbers!:

    "It's been over a year now since I started my first website, which ranks within the top 1% of sites on the net and receives up to 1500 visitors per day. I now have a second site, and plans for a third before the summer of this year. I no longer work from home in the evenings and my income is constantly growing. Right now, it's double what I was making when I was standing behind a chair."
    ~ Michelle Schill

    "This affiliate marketing case study describes how a novice working part-time used Site Build It! to create an affiliate web site that achieved $49,000 in sales in just over a year. His second site has now achieved more than $308,000 in sales for one merchant. We earn a commission on that. He spends nothing on advertising."
    ~ Allan Gardyne
    Rupert's SBI! Experiment

    "I sat at my PC and just typed and typed. I knew absolutely nothing about the internet, websites, HTML, or anything... I just typed. The great thing about SBI is that they do all of the hard (and necessary) work for me. That frees up my time to do what I do best and love the most... write, teach, play, and learn."
    ~ Nick Stubbs

    "Thank you again for all you have done to develop SiteBuildIt. It has made a tremendous difference in my life. I have a hand-built site, costing almost nothing, and making $10,000 MORE per MONTH."
    ~ Dr. John Burch DDS

    Earn money with a website?

    how to build a website

    How do you actually earn money with a website?

    There are a number of great ways and I've written a whole section about it here: How does a website make money? Find out here.

    How to build a website? FREE VIDEOS to show you how to make a website!

    How to make a website? You can build a website, even if you are fairly inexperienced on the web, if you use SBI.

    Other options are to buy a web editor like Dreamweaver or Coffeecup.

    What's the difference between them?

    With SBI you get the in-depth HOW (step-by-step video and written guides which are comprehensive enough to count as a diploma), not just design tools.

    I'm going to share ALL their 'how to make a website' videos with you for FREE here:

    Click here to see ALL the SBI videos which show you How to build a website!

    Why build a website?

    Let’s look at why build a website.

    Creating your own website is a superb way to create a large, passive income online that has virtually no running costs.

    I am talking here about creating a website properly that has all the elements necessary to be a successful website for you. That is, one that gives people great information while bringing you the income you want.

    I am talking about a website that;

  • Doesn’t require you to spend money on advertising;
  • A website that doesn’t require any other methods to bring you customers.
  • A website that once it is created takes care of itself while creating your income.
  • One that makes you money while you sleep! Long term.
  • Want hard evidence of the success of websites built with SBI? No problem! Check out this proof!

    Imagine putting in the necessary time and effort for a few months to build a website and then sitting back and letting the money roll in...

    Here's some more information about why and how the SBI system to build a website works so superbly.

    A Website that attracts loads of free visitors

    The key to creating a website that does all this, as opposed to what most websites do (which is just sit there for years costing you money) is: to build a website in such a way that in time, it reaches page 1 or page 2 on the search engines.

    This then becomes a passive way to make money on the internet which is awesome!

    In case you are new to the internet, here’s what I mean;

    Let’s say your website is all about dog training. When someone wants to know about dog training they will type in ‘dog training’ on Google or one of the other search engines. Many pages of results will come up.

    They will have a look at the first page of results, maybe even the second page. By then they will probably have found what they were looking for.

    If your website appears on those pages of results, and if your site is clear, helpful and provides the information that person was looking for, perhaps as an e-book they buy, then BINGO, you just made $20 - $65 or so for doing nothing! (Imagine if 20, 40 or 100 people a day do that…)

    Look at these results that SBI sites achieve.


    However the vast majority of websites appear after page 2. Maybe on page 15, page 100, or page 679! What if yours is among those? (Even if you read up on all the latest SEO tricks, your site will still struggle to get to the top quickly. I know this from my own experience!)

    You are not going to get the ‘free’ business sitting on those pages. You will not make money on the internet and will probably give up, or your online venture will just keep costing you money. Why?

    Because...You will only be able to get customers coming to your website by spending money on ads that tell them about your website. And that can get very costly.

    Or you can get customers by spending precious time on other traffic generating techniques many of which don’t work that well.

    So, as I was saying, the key to a successful site is to have it ranking high on the search engine results. There are lots of techniques you can learn to help your site achieve this, but I am not going to tell you about them. 12 months ago I would have, because I would have been sharing what I was doing then. And it did work, to some extent.

    But it was very time-consuming, costly, not really for beginners and took absolutely ages to get results. It drove me nuts! If I wasn't so determined I would have given up. Most people do not want to take forever to make money on the internet, and that's how it was starting to feel to me.

    I am now building all my sites, including this one, a different way. I'm using SBI as I said earlier. I can honestly tell you that in all the time I have been making money on the internet, this is the very best option I have found and I recommend it highly.

    To build a website will suit you if you are looking for a solid, highly professional online business which can create an income for you for years ahead.

    You also need to be willing to put in the time and effort required initially. (Just a few hours a day or even a week is fine, but you need to keep at it). It's incredibly enjoyable. I often choose it over watching TV!!

    You don’t need to be a computer expert by any means as the training that comes with this 'build a website' package is, in my opinion, phenomenal. There are step-by-step video trainings as well as written trainings about every single crucial step you need to take. Nothing is left out, and it's so easy to follow.

    build a website

    Make money website

    making money with a website


    This option won’t suit you if you are simply looking for fast cash. You won't make money on the internet overnight.

    It is a proper long-term online business and requires your input. You may have an existing business that would benefit from more clients – even if your business only needs local clients a website can help. Just read the case study about the dentist who did just that and see what it did for his business(see link below).

    Many people start their own website with no existing business – fantastic. I have done this too and it works brilliantly with this system.

    Have a read about others who have done this very successfully including a teenager who created a site about her favorite holiday destination. If she can do it…

    Click here


    Another great benefit of being able to build a website is that you can make money from your passion, hobbies and interests. Also, there’s no limit to the number of websites you can create.

    If your first site brings in $2000 a month, or $5000, or $10,000 why not build a website on another topic and double your income. Then create another and treble it.

    The potential with this method to make money on the internet is limitless...

    How to make a website - Read about ordinary people who have built successful sites with SBI

    Do you have questions about Site Build It?

    Is there anything you are unsure about? You can either read my free review (see link below) which will tell you LOTS more; or ANY questions you have about how to build a website can be answered by our expert team, simply click here


    Remember, this build a website program comes with a full money back guarantee - so you have NO RISK whatsoever.

    To find out lots more about SBI - Read my free review - click here

    How you can create websites

    How does a website make money?

    Create A Free Website

    All about free websites

    Website traffic - how to get lots of it

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