Easy Crafts To Make Money and How To Sell Them Online

crafts that make money

If you looking for some easy crafts to make money with, I will share with you here some great craft ideas and importantly how to make an income with crafts (on the second half of this page).

I have made an income from both my own knitwear and my own greeting card designs and thanks to the web, anyone who creates crafts can now sell their work worldwide!

Here are some easy crafts to make money with

simple crafts to make money

What crafts can you do?

If you don’t already do crafts, here are some ideas as all these crafts can all be learned.

You could also look for local classes and relevant books (see the links below, too).

This is a great book I highly recommend for anyone interested in crafts:

  • Jewelry

  • It's always a good idea to specialize in a niche area within a subject. So, you could do silver jewelry, wire jewelry, costume or beaded jewelry. Or charm items, or ethnic. Or how about focussing on jewelry for piercings? Those are just a few ideas to get you started.

  • Quilting and Patchwork

  • There are lots of inspiring ideas in the books and magazines on this page to help you. Patchwork is so popular at the moment. Could you specialize in patchwork for kids? Or cushions? Or bedspreads>?

  • Carve from wood

  • You could specialize in keyrings, or abstract shapes or vases or mug trees or other practical items for the home. Could you focus on a special type of wood? How about adding some hand painted design to it too?

  • Pottery

  • Tall mugs, chunky coffee cups, vases, abstract items, animals, flowers.

  • Knitwear, both hand-knits and machine knitting

  • Can you specialize in winter cable knits, or kids knits, or long skinny jumpers, mohair jumpers/cardigans? Or how about specializing in hats and gloves, mittens and balaclavas?

  • Greeting cards

  • A very competitive area these days, but good quality unique hand made cards always have a place. Bear in mind though that your profit margin may not be great for the amount of time you put in.

  • Paintings

  • You no longer have to rely on galleries and exhibitions to sell your art! (yay!) Full details about selling any crafts are further down this page.

  • Weaving

  • Wall hangings, clothes, throws, rugs...

  • Screen prints
  • T-shirt designs

  • Use good quality t shirts and specialize in abstracts, or messages or portraits or animals and so on.

  • Work with Leather

  • The best guide to making money from Patchwork and Quilting - click here

    make money with crafts

    Click here for a wide choice of Information about making all types of crafts

    How to make leather crafts

    How do you make money with cratfs?

    This is a really useful book I can recommend if you want to make a good income from your crafts - 15 days to a profitable online craft business:

    How do you actually make money with crafts? Well, with the massive potential created with the internet, it is so much easier now to make good money with crafts.

    Previously, however good the crafts you made were, the job of selling them was challenging as many creative people aren’t necessarily into selling.

    Plus, you had to travel all over the place to craft shows with all the hassle and expense that involves...and then sit there all day hoping someone would buy and that you would at least cover your costs!

    I used to design greeting cards and was totally dependent on agents to sell them. I tried selling them myself and hated it! The agents were limited by how many shops they could visit in an average day. Plus, I had to pay them commission which really cut into my profit.

    Anyone can now sell their crafts via the web to anyone in any country worldwide. It has transformed what was a challenging way to make money into a really viable method. You could sell them on eBay and have your own shop on there which you can brand. Or you could market and sell them via your own website or blog.

    If you are already a crafts person then these methods will help you get your crafts to a much bigger, wider audience.

    You can literally show your crafts to anyone worldwide! Imagine the potential of that! You will find my section about how to get online traffic very useful I am sure: 15 best ways to send visitors to your website or blog

    Without a website, blog or eBay you are limited to what you can sell via local exhibitions and galleries and craft fairs. I have sold via craft fairs and it can be really good fun.

    But you have the costs of the stall to pay for, the costs to get there, and you may not sell anything on the day.

    It's also time consuming and the packing up at home and after at the fair can get boring! It's a bit of a gamble in my experience.

    The website and/or blog or eBay route is superb and cuts out all these problems. It means you can concentrate on your craft, rather than on trying to sell.

    If you can create something unique, that is good quality and which supplies something that people want, you could make a great income from home, selling your crafts via the web.

    Discover how to sell your crafts from your own website

    Sell your crafts on ebay

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