Do Free Websites Make Money? Here's What Everyone Ought To Know

Do free websites make money?

Yes some certainly can make you money, but there are a few crucial things you ought to know before you get too excited about this way of making money.

I will recommend websites I personally use on this page as well, as they vary a lot!

As you probably already know, "free" does not always mean totally free!

Firstly, not many things are actually 100% free and this is no exception.

You can get a ready made "free website" very easily (usually as part of a deal when you buy an information package on the web).

So, let's say you spend £97 on the information, you then get a 'free' website as part of that deal.

But, most of the ones I have been offered required a monthly cost to host the site - which is fair enough. Web space costs money.

It's usually around $10/£10 a month on average.

You may also need to buy a domain name which will cost from $1.99 upwards depending on whether it's a dot com (about $8-$10) or not.

The other cost you need to be aware of is paying for adverts or other online marketing devices to send traffic (visitors) to your website, as without visitors you make no money, obviously.

Here's a free website builder I can recommend that millions of people use, and they also have upgrade options if you want more tools to grow your website:

Create a free website for your business with Weebly!

A final point is that a free website is not usually a unique website. It will often be the same site design and wording given away to countless other people too, which means it will never rank high in the search engines - which is very bad news as that is where all the free website visitors are!

What's good about free websites make money?

The benefit of free websites is that the website itself usually requires little or no work on your part. It's done for you so you can start to make money quickly if you run an online advertising campaign etc.

BUT it's not a unique site, and you will spend out on marketing costs, forever, as I have said.

OR you will have to spend a lot of time doing the free methods of online marketing. That's the slow route! However, if you can afford to spend on marketing, you can start making money quickly with a 'free website'.

21 Free Money Making Websites?

Another option I can recommend as I have done this myself, is to sign up free for this program which offers as part of it's FREE (with the option to upgrade) package over 21 ready-made money making websites - click here.

They are professionally designed online storefronts (see 2 examples further down this paragraph) with built in affiliate links that are 100% ready for you to start getting an income.

The websites are in a variety of hot niche subjects and all sell information products.

You get 21 websites at the time of writing this, and there are more to come soon.

You don't have to pay monthly hosting fees or domain name fees. And that is a BIG saving.

I actually paid to join as a lifetime pro member (my choice, you can simply choose the free option) because I would earn more from the websites that way.

Here are 2 of the money-making websites that I have thanks to this company, yours would look the same but the links within the site would be different, so that YOU get paid when people buy via those links.

Here they are, just click on these links to view them, then press your computer's back button to return to this page:

As I mentioned, those free websites are affiliate sites, so in case you aren't familiar with what affiliate marketing is and haven't read my affiliate marketing section yet (click here) let me quickly tell you why, in my opinion, it is a really great way to make money:

  • You don't need a product of your own to sell
  • You don't need to send products to customers
  • You don't need to speak to or deal with the customers
  • You can make A LOT of money even if you are part-time at this
  • So, back to the free websites make money. This site, as I have said, has ALL the affiliate products you could ever want, all you have to do is send customers to the site (this requires work on your part) but you do get help on how to do this too.

    Plus, you can get more info in my website traffic section.

    Why not create your own website instead?

    I also highly recommend you read about creating your own website as this is the best method I have found to date to make money online.

    When built properly you will never need to pay to get visitors to your site. They will all find you, in large numbers, if you build it right.

    You can then enjoy a passive, almost free income. You need to take the long term view and put in the work for a year or two, but it's a really enjoyable project. You don't need to be a 'tecchie'.

    The system I use to build a website comes with a superb (I'm not exaggerating) online course to show you step by step how to build your website.

    To sum up, yes, free websites make money, but some will make more than others, depending on what is actually being sold on the site, there will be added costs as I have said, and getting visitors to the site will cost you too.

    The upside is you that can make money soon! And that's quite a bonus if you need a fast income.

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    Free websites that I use

    Learn more about creating your own website - no previous experience needed

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