Make free money at home

Do you want to make free money at home??

These easy work from home ideas are ideas are ideal for anyone who

  • Has no money to put into a new business
  • Who has children so is tied to being at home
  • Has no car or easy means of getting to a job
  • or
  • Who needs to be based primarily at home for any other reason
  • All of these methods will create a useful extra income but as they all (apart from the first one) depend on the amount of time you can put in, you probably won’t make a huge income.

    Please see the make money on internet section or the network marketing section if you want to make a lot of money from home.

    And go to my free websites section, Make money free online Free videos about making money free-ebooks and Free make money tips section for some great ideas too.

    If you are looking to make free money at home any of the following are ideal:

  • Make money from blogging Don't worry if you don't even know what a blog is - all is explained!
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Crafts
  • Baking
  • Child minding
  • House Sitter
  • Dog sitting
  • Proof reading
  • Ironing
  • Lodger
  • Teacher
  • Gardener
  • Baby sitter
  • Dog walker

  • Bear in mind that to make free money at home is fine if you simply want some extra cash. If you want to make more money, consider combining these ideas with some of the others on this site.


    Someone I know makes money from home by baking cakes that she then delivers to local restaurants.

    You won’t necessarily get rich (unless you have your own recipe which you then sell to a big manufacturer!) but you can create some extra income this way.

    Can’t cook? Try local evening classes. Or get some great cook books and practice their recipes. Why not try the internet for free recipes and the library for free books first.

    Many years ago I started up a sandwich business, making them and delivering them to local businesses. I then added simple desserts like homemade flapjack and did really well.

    I loved it, because everyone was so appreciative as everything was home-made and delivered to their desk!

    I met some great people and made money. My work was done by lunchtime, so then I would go to the beach.

    Check out what your local requirements are for food hygiene etc. before you get started.

    Child minding

    If you have children of your own to look after why not look after someone else's too? Or maybe you just want to look after others’ even if you are not a parent yourself.

    So many moms and dads need reliable child minders and if you are good with children this could work for you. You could advertise locally and talk to local nurseries and schools too. Look into the qualifications you need.

    Top Tip.
    Find ways to make free money at home that fits in with your interests and you will be more successful as you will feel enthusiastic about what you are doing.

    House Sitter

    This is a great option if you are not tied to being in your own home. You can get paid for staying in other people's homes while they are away on holiday/traveling/living abroad! Think of the rent you could save!

    A friend of mine did this and got to stay in people's mansions and she got paid for it!

    House Sitting Information and Worldwide Directory

    Dog sitting.

    I know people who look after dogs both in their own home, and in their clients’ home. It depends on your circumstances as to which you could offer.

    If you love dogs and are good with dogs, this could be a great way to make free money at home. Do you have a spare room and a garden? A room with access straight to the garden is even better.

    If you don’t have family commitments then you could dog sit in people’s homes, for instance when they are away on holiday. It’s reassuring for them that their pet can stay in his/her familiar environment and you get to stay somewhere new for a week or two and get paid for an easy job!

    See the house sitting link above for more info.

    make free money at home

    More 'make free money at home' ideas:

    Proof reading.

    Publishers need people to check their manuscripts before going to print and you can get well paid simply for reading books and spotting errors.

    If you love to read, have a keen eye and an understanding of punctuation this could be a way for you to make free money at home, no matter where you live. Why not simply do an internet search to find publishers who need more proof readers?


    Ok, I know it’s not an exciting option to make free money at home but I know someone who makes £20 an hour in her own home doing other people’s ironing! That's not a bad rate!

    She charges £20 for a big bin-liner of clothes and irons that amount in 60 minutes. People are queuing up for her ironing skills.

    If you are totally broke, but own an iron and board this is a way to make free money at home that is 100% free!

    Just put some ads up in local shops and you could be in business. Why not invest in one of those ironing boards with a special cover that means you only have to iron clothes on one side?

    And how about getting a great iron so that you are quicker and more professional? It will make you more money in the long run if you have the best tools!


    If you have a spare room, or two, having a lodger could bring in some easy extra income. Make sure you get references from them and check the references out. Don't assume they weren't just written by the lodger themselves. Also make sure that you get a lodger that is suitable for the way you live.

    For instance, if you are someone that likes a quiet life, who is tidy and thoughtful, try and get a lodger with similar priorities. Otherwise they could drive you mad. Trust me, I’ve been there!

    Also get a contract drawn up and get a deposit. However nice someone seems, things can change when you live with them. People will show their best side at the first meeting and you could make decisions that you regret later on.


    Could you teach your language to local foreign students? Or how about teaching art to local kids, or teach crafts to local adults?

    What skills do you have that you could pass on to others and get paid for that? Could you teach computer skills? Some people just want to learn the absolute basics. You found this website so you probably know more than some people!


    Do you live in an area where people have gardens? Not everyone has the time or inclination to do their own garden. Or, they could be elderly and need the help. Either way you could provide a useful service for them.

    Why not print out some leaflets about what you are offering and deliver them around your area? Or knock on people's doors and introduce yourself?

    Baby sitter.

    Here's another 100% free 'make money free at home' idea. This isn’t just for teenagers, adults can baby-sit too! Who do you know that needs a reliable baby sitter so that they can enjoy a night out once in a while?

    If you charge $7-$10 an hour (see what the going rate is in your area) and a typical session is for 4 hours and you baby sit for 3 evenings a week… you can do the maths! It’s a useful extra income for a few evenings a week watching someone else’s telly and keeping their kids safe and happy.

    Dog walker.

    Make money free at home idea for animal lovers!

    A friend of mine has a great dog walking business. She keeps fit walking up to 6 dogs at a time across the local fields and makes a good income while she does this.

    You could then also sell products for pets so that your clients can get everything they need in one place. Dog whistles, leads, kennels, dog baskets etc.

    You could then think about creating a website (see make money on internet section) and also sell information products about dog training etc. That way you would reach many more clients as information can easily be sold worldwide.

    Make money as a dog groomer or dog sitter

    I hope you find these ideas for how to make free money at home will help get you started making money from home.

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