Make Money Baking

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How to make money baking.

Someone I know successfully makes money from home by baking cakes that she then delivers to local restaurants.

Now, you probably won’t get rich (unless you have your own recipe which you then sell to a big manufacturer) but you can create some useful extra income this way.

Can’t cook? Need to improve your cooking?

Try local evening classes.

Or get some great cook books and practice their recipes.

Why not try the library for free books first, or the internet.

Test out your cooking on friends and make sure they give you honest feedback.

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Start a sandwich business

Many years ago I started up a sandwich business, making them and delivering them to local businesses. I then added simple desserts like homemade flapjack and did really well.

I loved it, because everyone was so appreciative as everything was home-made and delivered to their desk! I met some great people and made money. My work was done by lunchtime, so then I would go to the beach.

If you just want some extra income for part-time home based work I can recommend this. You can expand your business if you want to and have other people deliver for you, leaving you more time to do more cooking.

Research your local area before you start

I recommend you research your area and see if there is a niche for you. Have a chat to local businesses and restaurants. Tell them what you are thinking of doing. See what their response is. Ask them what they would be interested in. What are their favorite sandwiches? What are their favorite cakes? Make sure you tailor what you supply to the demand.

If you decide to go ahead print out some attractive menus (if you are doing sandwiches and cakes) with all your contact details so that people can see what you are offering. Sell yourself - if you are making the bread yourself, say so. If you are using organic ingredients, let them know!

What else can you do to get ahead of the competition?

Giving great service will help your business tremendously. So will a smile and a positive attitude. Personality can really help a business like this. If people look forward to seeing you then they will keep buying from you in preference to going out to the shops.

Work out your prices carefully.

You can charge a little more as you are delivering. What prices will people pay in your area for a fantastic snack lunch? Find out before you go ahead. You need to know that you can make enough profit. Where can you get your ingredients at low prices?

Make money cooking for Dogs!

I have just come across this idea, and it's certainly different! Let's face it, people love their pets and will spend on them sooner than on themselves. Find out here how to make money baking special treats for dogs: Click here.

On a practical note, make sure you check out what your local governing body requirements are for food hygiene etc. before you get started.

Making money from baking is great fun, it can be very part time and can leave half your day free for other commitments, or the beach!

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