How To Make Money Fast Legally - 4 Top Ways

Make money fast legally. Find out how here.

Do you want to make a lot of money fast?

Or do you simply want to make some extra income fast?

I will cover both options on this page.

I’m going to assume you have part-time hours to do this as many people either have jobs or have family or other commitments.

I will look at online and off line ways too.

The best ways that I have found to make money fast legally online are (full details below and via these links):

Google Adwords or other online advertising program like Facebook or Bing

Affiliate marketing


Forex Trading although this last one carries risks. The advantage is it requires very little of your time and the income potential is very interesting...

Making money with an online advertising platform like Facebook, Bing or Google Adwords is ideal if you want to make a lot of money and have a budget to start with, and eBay can work well for extra income.

Some people make a lot of money on eBay but they are treating it as a full time occupation.

Here's more information about each method.

1. How do you make money fast legally with Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a way to advertise online - there are other similar programs on other search engines too, like Bing, Facebook and with companies like 7Search.

The adverts can work very effectively because they are only shown to a relevant audience,unlike magazine, TV and newspaper adverts.

For example, let's say you want to advertise golf clubs (you don't need your own website or actual golf clubs of your own to sell, more about this in the next section).

Your advert using Adwords can have a headline and 2 lines of text (there is a limit to the number of characters) and a website url.

Let's say you want to sell Brand Name golf clubs. You would make sure you put that in your headline with a couple of lines of text which make people want to click on your advert.(The e-book I recommend at the end of this section tells you all about how to write good ads).

These adverts appear next to search results on Google and also on relevant websites too.

You then choose the keywords that you want your advert to show up for. In other words, you can choose your advert to appear for the keyword 'brand name golf clubs' among MANY others.

You pay Google every time someone clicks on your advert.

The amount varies according to what you, and other advertisers are prepared to bid.

That person who clicked on your ad will be taken through to the website or sales page that you are promoting.

If they then buy a golf club you either get commission if this is an affiliate website (see next section) or you get the full amount of the payment minus whatever the clubs cost you at wholesale.

You can choose how much you want to earn (not the exact amount but you know what I mean!) and how fast you want to earn by adjusting the budget you spend on the adverts.

This is an over simplification of the whole process but hopefully this outline has given you the gist.

You can find out more here:

Make money with Google Adwords

The problem with Google Adwords is that if you are in a competitive niche the price per click can be fairly crippling. I'm not such a big fan of Adwords these days.

Facebook can work out way cheaper but the traffic may not convert so well. It depends on what you are selling. Bing is also a good option to try out.

How I earned $16,000 in 2 weeks with Adwords

2. How do you make money fast legally with Affiliate Marketing?

You know how I said in the Google Adwords section, above, that you can write adverts for products you don't even own?

Well, that wasn't crazy talk! It's a superb way to make money online because you can sell other people's products in return for a commission.

The commission can be as much as 75%. If you are selling a product that costs $99 then that's not bad is it?

Websites like Commission Junction, Amazon and Clickbank to name but a few enable affiliates (you and me) to promote their products.

You have to send visitors to their websites (to a specific page or product) and you get paid when a sale results.

You will be given a special link which will identify you as the person that generated the sale.

This is one of the affiliate programs I use and recommend

You can see how by using a system like Google Adwords you could send a LOT of visitors to an affiliate site.

If you want to know more I highly recommend this:

How I made $436,797 in 1 year online selling other people's products using affiliate marketing

3. How do I make money fast trading the Forex (foreign exchange)

Forex trading (trading on the Foreign Exchange) has been opened up to everyone with the advent of trading robots that do all the hard work for you.

Have a look at this free video if you'd like to know more: Forex Robots. It shows using LIVE trades how the Forex robots created $30,000 in 30 days.

Now, there is a risk element with any type of trading, no matter what they tell you. And, you will need money to start trading, so if you are skint, this is not the route for you.

More about making money on the Forex

4. How do I make money fast legally with eBay?

Contrary to popular belief, you aren't limited to selling junk from your garage on eBay!

You can sell goods that you buy at wholesale, and eBay itself can be a good source of wholesale products.

You can also use wholesalers.

Hot Wholesale Tips

You can then use listing software (eBay do one themselves as you would expect) to speed up the process of listing all your items.

I have created a whole section about how to sell successfully on eBay which you can reach here:

Using eBay to make money

This girl made over $2,000,000 on eBay in two years. Find out how she did it here

Make money fast legally off-line

To make money fast legally off line I recommend you look into being a property scout.

You can make a lot of money and it’s a way of making money from property without ever having to actually buy a property yourself. Just click here to find out more.

I hope some/all the above methods help you in your quest to make money fast. And, importantly, legally.

There are loads more ways you can make money, and you can find out all the options on my How to make money page, just click here to go there now.

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