Make Money Internet Affiliate Program - Who else wants to earn up to 75% commission?

Make money internet affiliate program.

If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would be earning money in the future by selling OTHER PEOPLE'S products on the web, and that I would receive a generous commission for doing this, I would not have believed them.

However, they would have been right!

So let me tell you all about this but increasingly popular way to make money on the internet.

  • Which are the best affiliate programs?
  • How can you make money with an internet marketing affiliate program?

  • What exactly is affiliate marketing?
  • Is it true you can make money with it with NO PRODUCT of your own and NO WEBSITE? How does that work? Is it legit?

  • I will share with you here lots of affiliate marketing tips you need to know to make a great income.

    I recommend the affiliate programs I use and like the best further down the page and also in the Sidebar below...

    Sidebar: For those of you who already know all about affiliate marketing and just want to know of a good affiliate program, one that I use is CB ProAds

    It's free to join, it links to all the Clickbank digital products, and you get 50%-75% commission on average, which equates to about $40 a sale, again on average.

    You get some great ready-made storefronts all with your affiliate links embedded in all the products.

    You can also show ads on your website or blog if you have one that are all linked through to the affilate products.

    There's a wide choice of ad formats, many look like the typical Google Adsense ads, but instead of you earning just a few cents, you get a great commission when someone buys via your ad!

    Click here to find out more

    I personally now love to make money with internet affiliate programs.

    It basically involves driving traffic (visitors) to other people’s products,whether it's physical products or information products, and if a sale results from that, you get paid a commission. That's all you do!

    However don't let the fact that it is a simple system make you think it's easy, because it does require a lot of knowledge about how to market on the internet.

    make money internet affiliate program

    The amount of commission you make can be on average around $20 - $70+ each time someone buys via your link! Imagine if 5 or 10 people buy a day. Or 20...

    The superb benefits of a make money internet affiliate program are:

  • You don’t need a product of your own
  • You don’t need to deal with customers
  • You don’t need to mail out anything

  • All you have to do is send visitors to the site/product you are promoting.

    Online Affiliate Programs

    Make money internet affiliate program - How does it work?

    You are given a coded link with your id number in it by the company whose products you want to promote, or by an intermediary company like or or or Amazon (Clickbank and Amazon are the 2 programs I use, and I also use Clickbank via CB ProAds which I mentioned higher up the page)

    That way, any sales made from visitors you sent can be tracked.

    You can log into your account at any time to see the sales made via you on any given day.

    What I love is the fact that this income comes in even though you are not having to physically send anything! I often go out cycling by the coast where I live and when I come back I can find I have just made $40 or much more!

    Affiliate Marketing Success

    If you want to make a SERIOUS income with affiliate marketing, look at this.

    The author of this e-book shows you EXACTLY, step-by-step, how affiliate marketing works.

    She makes over $500K a year.

    She's well known to be THE expert to listen to when it comes to affiliate marketing:

    SuperAffiliateHandbookRead the amazing true story of how one woman, with no previous business experience, earned $436,797+ in 2002 and now earns MUCH MORE than that ... just by selling other people's stuff online!

    In her down-to-earth, sincere and often humorous style, Rosalind Gardner guides you through the entire process of building an affiliate marketing business on the 'Net.

    Frequently revised and updated to reflect industry changes, the Super Affiliate Handbook now consists of 236 pages and 124 screenshots that will show you step-by-step how to become a Super Affiliate. You'll learn how to pick the best affiliate programs, negotiate a commission raise and save time, money and effort on everything from affiliate software to web hosting.

    To learn exactly how she does it, Click Here.

    Best Affiliate Marketing Programs?

    I like Amazon and Clickbank best, and like the CB ProAds system to access all the Clickbank products. It's free to join and you get a whole set of ready made websites with them,with all the clickbank affiliate products to sell ready-made.

    So, if you want to earn specifically with the affiliate clickbank make money program this is a great way to do so.

    It's also an excellent idea for anyone who is simply interested in making money with an affiliate make money online program.

    With Amazon, you get a much smaller rate of commission than with Clickbank, although it is on a sliding scale, so the more you sell, the higher the commission.

    The interesting thing with Amazon is, if someone goes onto Amazon via one of your links, you get commission on everything they then buy.

    So, they may buy just the item you recommended, BUT, they could also start browsing around and end up buying heaps of other stuff too.

    That's what makes Amazon interesting!

    I know other affiliate marketers don't bother with Amazon because the commissions are low, but they are missing out in my opinion.

    I tried but found them really hard to use. They make it really difficult to find products and if your account isn't active enough, they close it!!

    I have also tried lesser known programs but had to wait till my commissions reached $500 till they would pay me - no thanks!

    Make money with affiliate programs

    Obviously to make money with affiliate programs your level of success depends on not only finding good products to promote, but also on driving potential buyers TO those products.

    Well, there are a variety of ways to do this:

    You can run online ads with companies like Bing or Google. This can be very effective because these ads are highly targeted.

    This is a paid method of getting traffic and a very quick once you know what you are doing, which is the trickier bit!

    (See the Make money with Google Adwords page in this section for more info).

    Make money internet affiliate program free by writing articles.

    For a free way to get traffic you can write articles about a subject relevant to the products you are promoting in which you include a coded link.

    You then need to submit these articles to directories (do a search, there are loads).

    Ezine articles is a very good one in my experience.

    The more directories you submit to the better as obviously more people will get to see your articles. You can generate a lot of good quality traffic with articles, but it’s not a fast method like Adwords.

    Advertise on the web to make money internet affiliate program.

    You can also place free ads and low cost ads on the web (do a search for classified ads) and you can also buy email campaigns where your ‘sales letter’ disguised as an email is sent out to thousands of people who have opted in to receive such ads.

    My experience of both these methods has not been great so I can’t wholeheartedly recommend it, although other people seem to get good results.

    It probably requires more perseverance than I gave it! See if you can find out from online forums if someone can recommend a good email company.

    Make money internet affiliate program via your own blog or website.

    An excellent and free way to generate visitors is via your own blog or website. Now, obviously it’s not free to create your website in the first place, but after the initial costs the visitors are free if you create your site right (see my build a website section).

    And the visitors can add up to many thousands a month or even a day in time.

    What if you simply have 2 people a day buying via your affiliate link and your commission is $30 each time? Not a bad passive income!

    The possibilities with this are limitless.

    Let’s say you want to create a website about home decorating (or whatever). Find good relevant affiliate products that you can then recommend on your website.

    If the affiliate product isn’t relevant to your site, you are unlikely to make the sale. Pretty obvious really, but worth a mention.

    Driving traffic via a blog

    let’s say you want to promote an affiliate product that is all about a particular sport.

    You can create a blog around that subject and include a recommendation for the product as part of your blog.

    It’s best to actually buy whatever it is you are promoting so that you can genuinely talk about the benefits of the product. For more info about this: how to make money blogging.

    Free Course About Affiliate Marketing


    There is an excellent free course SBI put together all about how to make money internet affiliate program:

    You can create very large incomes with a make money internet affiliate program and it’s also very time-effective because, as I said earlier you are only having to do one thing – drive traffic.

    Make money internet affiliate program is also a very interesting way to make money online - I love it.

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