Top Items Sold On Ebay - The Secrets To Discovering Them

Want to know the top items sold on ebay? Here’s how to find out the 10 top selling items on eBay at any time.

As you can imagine, the top items change from month to month and year by year according to what’s the latest popular craze/hobby etc

So, to keep up to date with the very latest top items sold on eBay, there is a page you can visit which lists the top 10 most sold items:

What’s also really useful is further down that page is a list of the current ‘most watched items on eBay’ right now.

At the time of writing this the top items sold on eBay are as follows:

  • cursor
  • ipod touch
  • ipod
  • iphone
  • xbox360
  • verizon cell phones
  • coach
  • cricut cartridge
  • ipod nano
  • wii

  • Want to find top items to SELL on ebay?

    Wholesale Suppliers and Dropshippers - for every product you can think of!

    Here’s what not to do, and what TO do!

    If you want to make money on eBay and are looking for the best items to sell, bear in mind that if you try and compete for the top 10 items sold on eBay you may hit a few problems.

    Here’s why: you may find you are competing against too many other sellers to make enough sales. Some of them may be Powersellers who can afford to make their prices lower than yours because they will be selling high numbers.

    I’m not saying don’t try and sell these best selling items on eBay, just bear this in mind.

    I recommend you find a smaller niche (specialist) market where there’s not so much competition. Many people think that all they need to do is find out the top selling items on eBay and then sell those. Wrong!

    Is there a subject you really know about or feel passionate about? For instance if you are an expert on Rugby could you sell rugby-related items? Or tennis?

    Do you have a hobby that could translate to an eBay business? Like hand-made jewelry of a specific type like charm bracelets or cuff-links or bridal jewelry?

    Do you make items from wood or leather or textiles? Are they unique? Are they good quality?

    Easy crafts to make money

    Maybe you love kids games? Video games, music, books etc Perhaps you create greeting cards or silk paintings.

    If you know your subject and feel enthusiastic about it, you’ll do better than if you simply go for a topic because you think it’s popular in my experience.

    Best selling items on ebay

    Here's an exception to this rule: There's a girl called Diana, she's in her 20's, and she IS successful selling one of the top 10 hot selling items on ebay.

    You can copy her formula as she has written an ebook all about it:

    How I made $2Million on eBay selling electronics

    However... I'd recommend you find a niche you can dominate if you don't buy her book. It's far more likely you'll succeed than if you try and sell what everyone else is selling.

    How to buy items at wholesale prices

    Don’t worry if you aren’t creative, you can buy great items at wholesale to sell on eBay for a nice profit. Find out everything you need to know here: Where to find items to sell on ebay

    Wholesalers and dropshippers

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