Website Traffic. 15 Best Ways To Get More Vistors To Your Site Or Blog

What is website traffic?

  • How do you get lots of it?
  • How to increase web traffic
  • What's the best way to get guaranteed targeted web site traffic
  • Why do people go to great lengths to get web site traffic?
  • I show you 15 TOP WAYS to get web site traffic here.

    By the way, this information will help you even if you don't have a website. Making money online is all about getting traffic, so this page will be relevant for you.

    I'll also give you lots of free tips and a free course about website traffic generation.

    Website Traffic Generation

    Web traffic is another word for 'visitors'. The more visitors or traffic that you have going to your website, or blog, or advert, the more money you will make - as long as the content on your site makes the visitor linger long enough to buy from you.

    Imagine if you had 10,000+ people a day visiting your website/blog/affiliate product. How would your income look?

    The interesting thing about this is, once you have put all the hard work in, and you are getting high numbers of visitors, you have an income that is on autopilot, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...

    That's why it's so important to understand how to increase web traffic.

    There are many, many ways to get web site traffic. Some are totally free. Some are not! I will discuss them all here and tell you which, in my experience work the best. And which totally suck!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are wanting more traffic for your own blog or website you have got to have diverse backlinks to rank high in the search engines - and that's where all the free traffic is, let's face it!

    So, I recommend you check out this system if you want number 1 google rankings (yes, even post panda and penguin): Back Link Beast

    What's The Single Most Important Key To Getting Massive Website Traffic?

    Before I go through the Top 15 Traffic Methods, there is one vital thing that holds the key to success with getting guaranteed targeted web site traffic. And that is KEYWORDS.

    It's greatly overlooked.

    It's also the best way (when used right either on your web page or in adwords ads campaigns) I think, to increase web traffic and get huge amounts of FREE web/blog visitors.

    If you don't understand and use keywords correctly then no method of making money online will work for you as well as it should.

    I can honestly say that I knew nothing whatsoever about keywords when I first started out, and even when I read about them I still ignored them... I just couldn't see why they were so vital to my success.

    It was only after getting lots of online experience that I finally GOT IT!

    My best advice is, don't ignore keywords like I did. Master them, and speed up your success dramatically!

    I have written a whole separate section about this as it's SO important and there's a lot to say! You can click here for my keywords advice (it opens in a new window) or follow the link at the bottom of this page.

    I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of keywords if you want online success!

    "Discover how to get an avalanche of traffic from Facebook & see how this guy made a 6 figure income from it in 30 days..."

    15+ Top Ways to Get Web Site Traffic

    Now as promised, here's a list of all the main ways to get website traffic & how to increase web traffic (in no particular order). I will then go into each method in more detail.

  • Articles (usually free)
  • Adwords campaigns (not free)
  • Press Release (not usually free)
  • Ebook/viral marketing (almost free)
  • Classified Ads (some are free, many cost)
  • Site Build It (100% free traffic, the program itself is not free)
  • Surfing (free, takes up a lot of time)
  • Search engine optimisation (free mostly but time-consuming)
  • Forums (free)
  • Banner exchange(free)
  • Blogs (mine are free)
  • Email campaigns (costs, usually)
  • You Tube (free)
  • Stumbleupon (free)
  • Social networking sites like My Space and Twitter
  • Yahoo Pipes (free)

  • Increase Online Traffic - my favorite ways

    This is just my own opinion based on personal experience. The best methods for me have been, and still are:
    Adwords campaigns (or other pay-per-click companies like Bing etc), Site Build it (comes with a superb keyword tool), Articles, YouTube/ videos, Stumbleupon, blogs and Yahoo Pipes.

    I have tried all the others because other people on the web recommended those methods. I actually wish I hadn't bothered with some of them as they wasted a lot of my time, and some of my money.

    As far as Free Ads go, I mainly use Craigslist and US FreeAds: Free Classifieds

    Both are easy to use.

    Advertising with pay per click campaigns is a very good way to get fast targeted web site traffic.

    However you need to have plenty of spare cash while you are testing out this method!

    If anyone tells you that all you need to get started is $5, RUN!

    I mean, yes, you can get started for that amount but there's almost no way you will make any profit from that start up budget!

    For more information about Adwords keep reading this page and also click here.

    Get website traffic via You Tube

    This can be an excellent and also low-cost/free way to get huge amounts of traffic.

    Don't worry if you have never made a video before, it's so easy.

    You can use a program like Windows movie maker which is probably on your PC already.

    You can create graphics in there if you don't own a camcorder or digital camera.

    You'll need to get a microphone, I picked up a good one for about £20. If you go to 'Programs' on your PC and click on it, then follow the link to 'accessories' then 'entertainment' you will be able to record your voice for free! It just takes a little practice and then you're away.

    If you do have a camcorder or digital camera, even better.

    NOTE: When you save your video make sure you call it by the name (keywords) you want to create traffic for.

    Example: If you want traffic for the keyword 'children's games' name your video that.

    Also, make sure you put your domain name onto the video.

    If you want to get really focussed and professional using videos, check this out:

    Easy Video Suite

    On YouTube itself when you upload your video make sure you include your keywords in the title and description and tags.

    And in the tag section, put ALL the related keywords you can find too. Have a look at my keywords section for lots of crucial tips and advice about the importance of keywords and how to use them right.

    I really rate using Youtube to drive traffic and it's fairly simple.

    I've had tens of 1000's of views for some of my videos and subsequently good traffic to my websites.

    This ebook will help you further, I highly recommend it if you are serious about using Youtube to make lots of money:

    How to get traffic with YouTube

    How to build a website that gets HUGE amounts of FREE traffic

    Get website traffic with Site Build It.

    For more information about how Site Build It can help you get massive traffic free, keep reading this page and also click here.

    I want to add here that Site Build it enables you to create FREE website traffic, so do blogs. I built this site using Site Build It. Large volumes of FREE traffic, long-term, is what everyone wants isn't it?

    I mean, what could be better than thousands of visitors (a day) who find your site without you having to pay a penny or a cent for them?

    But it's very hard and slow to get if you go down traditional routes of building a website and using SEO strategies.

    Adwords will cost you (you set the budget however) but it can be very effective and also very quick.

    Now, I have had more traffic in the first 2 months with My Site Build It site (this site) than I have with some of my other websites that I created ages ago.

    I applied all the recommended SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques with my former sites, but it is SO SLOW!

    There are so many things to learn, it's hard to find out all the methods in one place, and then you have to apply them correctly or they don't work. There's a lot of trial and error and it takes up a lot of time.

    Also, the one thing they don't tell you is that your website (if that's where you are trying to send traffic) needs to have at least 50 pages, preferably 100, 200 or 300++, or you will never get much traffic with all the SEO techniques in the world. And the quantity of pages is just the tip of the iceberg! Each page needs to focus on a different keyword. Each keyword needs to not only be relevant to your site's subject but must also must be a keyword that is in demand! Keywords are a whole subject in their own right. So, it's all very well to be told by all the gurus that you need meta tags and descriptions and links, but if your site has only 5 pages, FORGET IT!! You'll never get loads of free traffic.

    Now, while I was working my way through the minefield of advice about how to make my websites successful, I could easily have given up. Nothing brought the results I wanted. But I am very determined! I found Site Build It around summer time in 2007 and just love it. Why?

    I will go into that now and then look at lots of other ways to get traffic.

    Because I have tried building sites without SBI, and I have now built a site with SBI. So because of that I really appreciate what I have my hands on with this.

    Here are some of the best things about it:

    You don't have to know any SEO techniques, the program ensures that every page you build has them all in place. Correctly.

    You don't have to know all about keywords - Site build it has the best keyword tools ever - it tells you which keywords are most in demand, which have the least competition from other sites and which will make you the most profit - unbelievable!

    There are videos to explain every aspect of building a successful site so even a beginner can do it.

    BEST OF ALL, a very high percentage of sites built with SBI rank in the top 1% of websites worldwide. So, regarding getting website traffic, you can see that if SBI ensures that you build a high-ranking site, you will get massive website traffic! Here's the proof:

    click here.

    Watch a free video about Site Build It - click here.

    Using Yahoo pipes to get traffic

    I recommend you do a search on Youtube to watch a video about how to create a Pipe using Yahoo Pipes as it's a bit complicated to explain in type.

    Suffice to say that I created a few Pipes, didn't expect anything much from it, and WHAM! Within about a month it had become the TOP traffic referrer to one of my sites (and still is).

    A pipe is basically the feeds of several blogs, merged together to create 1 main feed.

    It's great because you can choose really relevant and great blogs to merge with yours, giving people tons of wonderful info on a particular topic.

    Using Blogs to get website visitors/ Increase blog traffic

    More ways to get website traffic:

    I like creating traffic with blogs because it's fun, easy to do and free and doesn't take up too much time.

    There are some essentials you need to know to create a blog that gets loads of visitors. I bought this ebook (see link below) and found it useful for learning that.

    The basics are the same as for a website, such as focusing each blog post around good keywords, getting backlinks etc.

    But there are some good additional tips in the ebook.

    Now, not only will the blog drive traffic to your site via you linking to it but the blog can make you money in it's own right.

    You can sell affiliate products via your blog or simply make money from placing Google Adsense ads on it. This is all explained in detail in the book.

    Find out how to generate traffic and big incomes with blogs - just click here!

    Using Adwords to get as much guaranteed targeted web site traffic as you can handle

    Adwords appeals to a lot of people as a way of generating website traffic because it's very immediate, once you know what you are doing. (It's not easy though! There's LOTS of competition.)

    It also doesn't take up much time once you have done the initial work of creating a successful ad campaign. In fact it takes care of itself.

    Disadvantages? It can cost you more than you make back if you don't learn how to go about it right. Please read that bit again! Read my Adwords section to learn how to run a successful campaign.

    How to get website visitors using articles

    Articles. This can be an effective web site traffic generation method but it takes time and effort creating original and well written content for each article.

    Make sure you get your most important keywords in your article and in the link at the end of your article.
    You can then submit your article to article directories like Ezine Articles.

    It's a good way to get one-way links to your website which helps your ranking in the search engines.

    NOTE: Mind you, since I wrote this we have had the Google algorithm changes (penguin, panda etc) so using articles for backlinks is questionable now. However, the articles will generate traffic for you in their own right.

    Surf for Website Traffic

    Surf for website traffic?

    I have spent weeks and weeks on sites where you surf people's ads and sites to get traffic - and mostly they are a total waste of time!

    The traffic is not targeted enough, no matter what they may tell you on these sites - so even if you do get some traffic, you won't get the sales you want - which is the whole point of wanting the traffic isn't it?

    Banner exchanges work for some, but didn't do much for my website traffic at all. I wouldn't bother with this again if I was starting out now.

    How to increase web traffic with Viral Marketing

    Creating your own ebook which you can then give away can be effective for getting website traffic and I know some people do really well with this.

    You put links in the book to your site, and make it clear that others can give the book away too. (Called viral marketing).

    It's worth doing but to be honest it takes time to get results unless you already have a large database/facebook fans etc you can send it too without spamming.

    It obviously also takes some time and some skill (and knowledge) to write the book. I don't personally think this one is for absolute beginners.

    Email campaigns have swallowed up my money and given me poor results, however maybe I didn't pick a good company?

    I recommend you ask around (maybe via forums) and see what website traffic results others get with email campaigns.

    The same goes for the other website traffic methods I have mentioned. Just be aware that some people may not answer you honestly - they may have ulterior motives for their answers.

    How to increase web traffic via social networking sites, video sites and more

    For more info about getting website traffic via social networking sites, have a look at this: click here

    How to get traffic using TWITTER
    And check out this for getting traffic from Twitter

    How to get traffic with Stumbleupon

    What is Stumbleupon? and how do you get website traffic with it? Well, simply go to and find out all about it.

    I LOVE the system, it's great fun, and a highly effective way of getting generous amounts of free traffic.

    It won't be highly targeted however, so is not my top choice.

    To sum up, you can't beat personal experience, so by all means try all the web site traffic generation methods and see what works best for you.

    Let's face it, no single method is right for everyone. You may however want to learn from my experiences, in which case research my top 3 methods, plus keywords, and then go for it!

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